Workbench WiFi

Wireless tools on a MikroTik RouterBoard

As a cheap thrifty person, I enjoy finding flexible and low-cost tools to use and share with others. The MikroTik RouterBoard family has a lot to offer in the $50 – $100 range and is often found in my toolkit. While I am a fan of products from NetScout, Ekahau, and MetaGeek, I do use MikroTik equipment for the occasional test, especially in situations where I have to leave equipment in place in my absence.

/interface/wireless/spectral-scan and spectral-history provide a quick overview of RF conditions:

Spectral-scan is a live view, while spectral-history is a low resolution waterfall graph. Both can be utilized remotely via telnet, ssh, winbox, and The Dude.

For the occasional wireless packet capture can be performed using the Wireless Sniffer feature. These can be saved to internal flash, external USB storage, or streamed via TZSP to a remote protocol analyzer such as Wireshark.

Selecting the desired frequency range is less than obvious. One easy method is to partially configure the wireless interface as a station. SSID doesn’t matter, but be sure to specify the band, width, and frequency.


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